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Studies consistently show the importance of scent when it comes to sales in general. The right scent can make a customer feel happier and more comfortable in the business and they will then spend more time browsing. This leads to an increase in sales and boosts the odds of the consumer returning again in the future. However, a business must choose the scent carefully and ensure it fits with the products or services being sold, the target audience, and more.

Examples of Scent Options

Visit a swimsuit store and smells that one will likely encounter include coconut and mango, as they bring to mind the sun and sea. In contrast, enter a lingerie store and narcissus or rose scents may be present. These scents are used to make the female feel both sexy and confident. In fact, movie theaters often use a diffuser to spread the smell of fresh popcorn to encourage people to come watch a movie and enjoy the treats. A company cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach when choosing a scent. The aroma shared with consumers must be appropriate for the brand and its image.

What to Avoid

Regardless of what scent is selected, moderation is key. Any scent can be overwhelming if used in large quantities. Certain retailers that cater to the younger crowd tend to use strong scents in their marketing. While this may appeal to some, it also turns many people off and may have them looking elsewhere for the products and services they are buying. This is one area where one can have too much of a good thing. Consider the entire atmosphere and make sure the aroma and the other elements will be pleasing to the target audience, as they are who the company is marketing too.

For more information on scent marketing, click here. The right scent can draw people in, encourage them to linger, and lead to them spending more money. The wrong scent, in contrast, can result in a person leaving a business never to return. If help is needed in choosing the right scent, don’t hesitate to call on a scent consultant. They can be of help in ensuring the chosen aroma will achieve the desired results.